Saturday, 27 July 2019

How to install IntelliJ Idea plugin from local disk


In the last post, we saw a basic tutorial on how to create a custom plugin for IntelliJ IDE's. In this post, I will show you how you can install a plugin you have on your local disk.

How to install IntelliJ Idea plugin from local disk

To install plugin from local disk, go to setting in IDE(Ctrl+Alt+S) -> Plugins. Next click on the gear icon and select "Install plugin from disk".

Select the zip file of your plugin you have stored locally and select Ok. The plugin should get installed. You may have to restart the IDE for change to take effect.

 Now you can see the plugin in the installed tab of your plugins section of settings. 

Directories used by the IDE to store plugins

If you are wondering where are plugins instaled then the path is config\plugins under your IDEA directory. For me it is:

  • C:\Users\anike\.IdeaIC2019.1\config\plugins
It should put your plugin jar in above dir.

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