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Installing and Using OpenGrok on Mac OS X


In previous couple of posts we saw how we can setup git repositories, install git client and maintain your codebase. 
In this post we will see how to set up opengrok. This is a code base search tool that you can use to index and search your huge complex codebase. I am going to show this on my mac laptop. If you want to setup a proper server please refer to official documentation.

Installing and Using OpenGrok on Mac OS X

I am going to use Homebrew to do most of the setup here. If you are not aware of homebrew then you can read -
 Couple of things you need to install before are -
  • A servlet container like GlassFish or Tomcat to run and deploy your grok server. I will use tomcat.
  • Exuberant Ctags for analysis.
You can run following commands to set these up -
  • brew update
  • brew install tomcat
  • brew install ctags 
You can just type catalina to see tomcat is properly installed -

Next set environment variable as follows -
  • export OPENGROK_TOMCAT_BASE=/usr/local/Cellar/tomcat/8.5.20/libexec
 For path you can refer to catalina screenshot above. This environment variable will basically tell where grok needs to be deployed.

Download the latest opengrok binary from-
 I am using opengrok-1.1-rc13.tar.gz.

Next go yo your opengrok bin directory. In my case it is -
  • /Users/athakur/Documents/Softwares/opengrok-1.1-rc13/bin
and run -
  • ./OpenGrok deploy
 This will deploy grok code on your tomcat container. Now start the tomcat container

 You can now access it via -

 The error you see is ok since we have not provided our codebase source directory yet.

Noe lets add source directory. My code is in-
  •  ~/Documents/git/DataStructures
NOTE : DataStructures is a local copy of my github repo -
I am going to maintain all codebase references in
  • ~/local_repos/src/
So create a directory and add soft links as below -

 Now it's time to define your code directory that opengrok can understand. So define another environment variable -

  • export OPENGROK_INSTANCE_BASE=/Users/athakur/local_repos

That's now lets index this content. To index it go to you opengrok bin directory and run -
  • ./OpenGrok index.

You can see it automatically creates directory it needs. Just make sure it has appropriate permissions -

That's it you can refresh grok page and start searching code.

 NOTE : For every update to your actual repository or for any new repository getting added you need to call ./Opengrok index to index it. You can probably write a cron job that does an automatic pull of your repository and runs index on it.

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