Sunday, 25 December 2016

Combine multiple PDF files into one in your Mac OS


Couple of days back I had to upload a signed copy of an online document So I took it's printout and then scanned each page as a PDF. TO re upload I had to make it back into a single pdf file. Well of its a generic document you can use online pdf tools. But in my case the document was somewhat private and well it had my sign. So I could not do it online. In mac you can do it offline with in in built application called preview. Let us see how we can do it.

Combine multiple PDF files into one in your Mac OS

  • First open your PDF file with preview application. To do so you can right click and select over with preview.

  • Next go to View and Enable Thumbnails. You should see your current pfd in thumbnail panel on the left.

  • Now go to edit and select edit -> Page from file and then select other pdf file you need to combine. Do this for as many pdf files as you need to combine.

  • You can also drag and reorder pdf files in the thumbnail panel. You can also select pdf in this panel and click delete to delete the page.

  • Finally click on File -> Save to save the combined PDF.
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