Sunday, 6 August 2017

Enabling Eclipse key map/shortcuts in Android Studio


If you are from a developer using Eclipse then when you start using Android Studio then it becomes difficult to learn new shortcuts. For such cases Android Studio provides an option to use Eclipse shortcuts and in this post we will see how.

Enabling Eclipse key map/shortcuts in Android Studio

Go to 
  • Android Studio -> Preferences
Type in keymap in the searchbox. You should be able to see a keymap section -

Next select Eclipse or Eclipse(Mac OS X) whichever you are more comfortable with. Then click Apply and Ok.

You should be good to use Eclipse shortcuts now. No need to restart.

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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Select top N records from each category in PL/SQL


Lets say you have 2 tables -
EMPLOYEE table has employee id which is a primary key and his name.  EMPLOYEE_SALARY has employee id which is foreign key to id in EMPLOYEE table. This table has employee department and salary. You need to write a query that returns top 2 employees from each department that has highest salary.

Tables creation and data insertion

Table Queries :

create table schema8.EMPLOYEE(ID int, name varchar2(255));
create table schema8.EMPLOYEE_SALARY(EMPLOYEE_ID int, department varchar2(255), salary int);

Data Queries for  EMPLOYEE table:

insert into schema8.EMPLOYEE values(1,'Aniket');
insert into schema8.EMPLOYEE values(2,'John');
insert into schema8.EMPLOYEE values(3,'Sam');
insert into schema8.EMPLOYEE values(4,'Ron');
insert into schema8.EMPLOYEE values(5,'Sky');
insert into schema8.EMPLOYEE values(6,'Paul');
insert into schema8.EMPLOYEE values(7,'Dan');
insert into schema8.EMPLOYEE values(8,'Jess');
insert into schema8.EMPLOYEE values(9,'Troy');
insert into schema8.EMPLOYEE values(10,'Mike');

 Data Queries for EMPLOYEE_SALARY table:

insert into schema8.EMPLOYEE_SALARY values(1,'IT',10000);
insert into schema8.EMPLOYEE_SALARY values(2,'Admin',500);
insert into schema8.EMPLOYEE_SALARY values(3,'Sales',1200);
insert into schema8.EMPLOYEE_SALARY values(4,'Sales',1500);
insert into schema8.EMPLOYEE_SALARY values(5,'IT',9000);
insert into schema8.EMPLOYEE_SALARY values(6,'Admin',4000);
insert into schema8.EMPLOYEE_SALARY values(7,'Admin',5000);
insert into schema8.EMPLOYEE_SALARY values(8,'IT',9500);
insert into schema8.EMPLOYEE_SALARY values(9,'Sales',1000);
insert into schema8.EMPLOYEE_SALARY values(10,'Admin',6000);

Final data :
select * from schema8.EMPLOYEE;
select * from schema8.EMPLOYEE_SALARY;


We are going to use RANK to partition by department and order by salary - 

select * from (
select id , name, department, salary, RANK() over (partition by department order by salary desc) as rank from(
select,, es.department,es.salary from schema8.EMPLOYEE e left OUTER join schema8.EMPLOYEE_SALARY es on (
) where rank <= 2;

First we have done a left outer join so that we capture all employee records with their respective salaries and departments. In outer query we have ranked it based on their salaries in respective department. Finally we select all records that have rank <=2 i.e top 2 records.

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Monday, 31 July 2017

Install Oracle instant client and sqlplus using Homebrew


 In one of the previous posts we say how to install and run sql plus  and Oracle instant client  on Ubuntu operating system -
In this post we will see the same for a Mac.

This post expects you have homebrew installed. If not please refer -

 Install Oracle instant client and sqlplus using Homebrew

For this you need to download following two files -
You can download these files from oracle site -

Once download copy these files into following folder-
  •  ~/Library/Caches/Homebrew 
 Once done run following commands -
  • brew tap InstantClientTap/instantclient
  • brew install instantclient-basic
  • brew install instantclient-sqlplus
 This should install sqlplus for you.

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Friday, 28 July 2017

How to Disable a MacBook’s Built-In TrackPad When Using a Mouse or Wireless Trackpad


For me this became a requirement as my trackpad started malfunctioning. But it can be a useful feature as well. When we connect a mouse we would not want trackpad to work. For eg. lets say you are playing counter strike with a mouse you definitely don't want trackpad to change your aim in game. So it would be better if you disable in build trackpad while mouse is connected. In this post I will show you how you can do this.

Disable Trackpad in OS X Lion and Above

For this you need to go to -
  • System Preferences > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad
Here you will find a checkbox saying "Ignore built-in trackpad when mouse or wireless trackpad is present". Click it and make sure you have checked it. Setting should take effect immediately.

Disable Trackpad in OS X Snow Leopard

Setting is the same here too. It's just at different path. So head to 
  • System Preferences > Universal Access > Mouse & Trackpad
Here again you will find the same checkbox. Check it and you should be good to go.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

How to install wine and run windows programs on your mac


Sometimes it becomes necessary to install windows program on your Linux or mac machine. Like I mentioned in a post sometime back there may be some sites that require IE only -
In this post I will show you how to install wine on your mac. Wine is a very handy software that allows you to install and run windows programs in a windows like simulated environment.

Installing Wine on Mac

You need to have homebrew installed on your mac. If not please refer -
 Next Homebrew uses an extension called Homebrew Cask to install other programs. You can install the Cask extension by running following command -
  • brew tap caskroom/cask

Wine needs -
  • Java and 
  • XQuartz 
as dependencies to be already installed. I am assuming you already have Java installed on your machine and set it up in classpath. You can install  XQuartz with following command -
  • brew cask install xquartz

NOTE :  You can similarly install Java if you already done have it -
  • brew cask install java
 Once dependencies are done you can directly install wine with following command -
  • brew install wine

Also install winetricks -
  • brew install winetricks

 Use winetricks to set environment as windows 7 -
  • winetricks win7

Installing and running Windows program from wine

Go to the directory where you have downloaded your exec file and run -
  • wine installer.exe
where installer.exec is your exe file.

 You can find installed files in dir -
  • /Users/athakur/.wine/drive_c
You can then navigate to program files, find your installed program and run it -

 Once in the program directory you can simply run it as -
  • wine ioexplorer.exe

And you are done :)

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