Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet

Bash Commands

 uname -a Show system and kernel
head -n1 /etc/issue Show distri­bution
mount Show mounted filesy­stems
date Show system date
uptime Show uptime
whoami Show your username
man command Show manual for command

Directory option

pwd Show current directory
mkdir dir Make directory dir
cd dir Change directory to dir
cd .. Go up a directory
ls List files

ls commands

-a Show all (including hidden)
-R Recursive list
-r Reverse order
-t Sort by last modified
-S Sort by file size
-l Long listing format
-1 One file per line
-m Comma-­sep­arated output
-Q Quoted output

Search Files

grep pattern files Search for pattern in files
grep -i Case insens­itive search
grep -r Recursive search
grep -v Inverted search
grep -o Show matched part of file only
find /dir/ -name name* Find files starting with name in dir
find /dir/ -user name Find files owned by name in dir
find /dir/ -mmin num Find files modifed less than num minutes ago in dir
whereis command Find binary / source / manual for command
locate file Find file (quick search of system index)

File operations

touch file1 Create file1
cat file1 file2 Concat­enate files and output
less file1 View and paginate file1
file file1 Get type of file1
cp file1 file2 Copy file1 to file2
mv file1 file2 Move file1 to file2
rm file1 Delete file1
head file1 Show first 10 lines of file1
tail file1 Show last 10 lines of file1
tail -f file1 Output last lines of file1 as it changes

Process management

ps Show snapshot of processes
top Show real time processes
kill pid Kill process with id pid
pkill name Kill process with name name
killall name Kill all processes with names beginning name

File Permissions

chmod 775 file Change mode of file to 775
chmod -R 600 folder Recurs­ively chmod folder to 600
chown user­:g­roup file Change file owner to user and group to group
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