How to master Java?
  • Try to revise the basic whenever you get time. Basic don't change much from one programming language to other. So once you are through there is no turning back.

  • Once you understand some concept try to write, compile and run small code snippets related to it. This will give you a better understanding of that particular concept.

  • Keep on communicating and exchanging ideas with your fellow programmers. Different people have different insights on the same topic. It will help you see the same topic with different angle.

  • Always ask questions! No matter how basic or complicated it is. There is and always will be proper justified answer for it. Asking questions generally give rise to other related questions which will again help you understand the topic well.

  • Ability to write optimized and efficient code will only come by experience. Always settle for nothing other than the best method available to solve a particular problem.Remember at the end how you arrived at an output is equally important as getting the correct output.

  • Last but not the least, you can never understand any programming language without actually writing the code. So you must write codes regularly.
If you need any help or have specific questions on Java I recommend you do following things - 
  • If you query is generic enough i suggest you first Google it. It is the single most technique to solve most queries.

  • Post your query as comment on the specific post your query is based on.

  • You can also post your query on JavaForGeeks page on Google+. 

  • You can directly contact me via contacts section or mail me at

  • If you are stuck in a problem or can't figure out why the code behave or throws some exception  you can always refer to Stack Overflow


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