Sunday, 6 November 2016

How to set date and time in your Raspberry Pi


If you have internet connection in your Raspberry Pi then all you need to do is set your timezone and you are all set. In this post we will see how.

How to set date and time in your Raspberry Pi

  • First open your raspi-config. To do that execute following command in your command line - 
    • sudo raspi-config
  • Once the config open select "Internationalization Options"
  • Next select "Change Timezone"

  • Next select your "Geographic Area"
  • Finally Select your "Time zone"
  • Save and Exit

And that's it your date and time should be set.

How to take screenshots in Raspberry Pi

How to take screenshots in Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi does not seem to have a default screenshot application like screenshot or snip. I will explain what worked for me. I am using scrot command line utility to take the screenshots.

To install scrot execute following command -
  • sudo apt-get install scrot

As you can see from screenshot above you can enter
  • scrot -s
and select the window you want to take screenshot of. If you want to take a complete screenshot with with some delay you can do -
  • sudo scrot -d5
You even have a -c option to show a countdown. You can see various options available with man command -
  • man scrot

PS : This whole post is written on my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and have used scrot command for above screenshots :)

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