Saturday, 26 September 2015

Deleting a project from Chrome Rest client


Making REST API calls from some client to test out stuff is normal for any programmer. Programmers use various REST clients. I have seen most of the programmer use either
  1.  Postman or
  2.  Advanced REST client.
I prefer the  later one. No particular reasons but I just started with Advanced REST client so continuing with the same.

So in Advanced REST client you can save your REST calls in a PROJECT. A project can have multiple REST calls associated with it. This is where I was stuck. I created multiple projects with some dups and wanted to clean it up. Advanced REST client allows you to delete the API calls from the project but not the project itself. So naturally you looks for workarounds and today I will show you one.

Solution is quite simple. You delete it yourself from the application database. All you need to know is where and how. We will see that now.

 Deleting a project from Chrome Rest client

I have created a dummy project named GREETINGS and have added a dummy API call called ADD_CUST. Deleting API call is easy. Just click the delete icon just besides the API selector on the top.

As you must have notices we do not have option to delete project itself. Lets see how we can do that by deleting project from App database. Follow below steps

  1. Right click 
  2. Inspect Element 
  3. Go to resources Tab
  4. Select restClient DB
  5. view projects table

You will see all the projects listed there.

Notice the ID of the project here. it's 10. We will use it later.  For now lets just see how can we run SQLs here. For this click on the database -restClient in this case. You should see a prompt. You can enter your SQL queries here.

Run simple query :
  • select * from projects;
You should see list of all available projects.

 Finally lets see how we can delete a project. Execute following query.

  • delete from projects where id=10;
Your project should get deleted from the DB. You can verify it by running select again.

Now simply refresh the page and you should see your project gone!


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