Sunday, 30 November 2014

Starting a new Process programmatically from Java


In this post we will see how we can run any process from java programmatically. In specific I will show how can we compile a java file from a Java process. We can very well use Runtime.getRuntime().exec() method to start the process but in this post I am going to demonstrate using ProcessBuilder class.


    public static void executeJavacCommand() throws IOException {

        List<String> paramsExecute = new ArrayList<String>();
        paramsExecute.add("C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jdk1.6.0_31\\bin\\javac.exe");
        ProcessBuilder pBuilder = new ProcessBuilder(paramsExecute);
        Process process = pBuilder.start();
        Reader reader = new InputStreamReader(process.getErrorStream());
        int ch;
        while((ch =!= -1)


Note1 : In above code I am only printing the error stream of the process but you can manipulate the output stream as well as provide input stream to the process.
Note 2:  You can also see my previous post on how to get the java executable paths. You can programmatically derive those and use it in above code.

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