Thursday, 28 November 2013

Accessing super-user mode with su in Ubuntu

How many time have you laughed looking at above picture? Specially Ubuntu users will know what I am taking about. Everything from installing packages to running a script we need to do add sudo before the command.

Unlike other distributions root account is by default disabled on Ubuntu. So simply doing su or su root will not work. It give authentication failure error.

Using sudo each time is fun but there are definitely other ways to perform root actions.

In order to perform root action you can do one of the following

  1. Use sudo with your user password, and you can do everything that root user do.

  2. Use sudo su with your user password to obtain root access .

  3. Use sudo passwd with that command are changing the root password, then you can easily access root user using su like other distros.

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  1. It was very helpful at all, it is sometimes fails to execute a command like this? Thnaks


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