Friday, 26 April 2013

How to configure Pidgin for Google Talk in Ubuntu?

A lot of beginners face this problem. Specially people using GTalk on Windows find themselves with no chat client on Linux. Let me explain how to configure your Pidgin with Google account -

To install Pidgin open the terminal and type in the following Command -
sudo apt-get install pidgin

After you install it you can directly launch it from your Dash Home by searching for pidgin or just type the following command in the terminal -
pidgin &

Note :  & after the pidgin command is just to inform the terminal to run the process in background. This can be used for any process you wish to tun in the background.

Once you launch Pidgin go to
Accounts ->Manage Accounts -> Add

In Basic tab set the settings as shown in the following image -

Note :  If you are using Google's 2 Step Verification you need to generate password for this application. If you don't know about this or haven't set it up you can proceed.

Next in the Advanced tab set the fields as show in below image -

You can set proxy in the Proxy tab if you are using any proxy. Inside it you will have many options like manually setting your proxy or using Gnome Proxy or No proxy at all.

Just click on Add button and you are done.

Note : Above images are from modify account rather that Add new Account but the settings remain the same. Only difference being you will see a Add button instead of Save button at the bottom.

Note : Sometimes buddy list may not show up. This is a bug. Just Exit pidgin and restart again.
What i would recommend is do as follows -
Open the terminal and type
killall pidgin
and then start it again using -f flag
pidgin -f

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